Burlesque Dancer – Crypticon Seattle 2012

Burlesque Dancer - Crypticon Seattle 2012
Burlesque Dancer – Crypticon Seattle 2012


Just in case you missed Crypticon Seattle – and it is a show you should not miss at all, they will sometimes late at night as they are doing the dance party, will have other things going on. This year they had a bunch of new Burlesque Dancers on the stage and it was well worth seeing. I was one of two photographers allowed in to take pictures, one used a flash that lit up the whole room like lightning, I tried to use as much natural lighting as possible. But this is one of the drawbacks to using natural stage lighting, you get what you see. In this case they were using red LED lighting that was on the ground and aimed about mid body rather than at their faces. The original pictures are horrid requiring a lot of color balance and cleaning and fixing. When the lighting is bad but the picture is good, you break out the Photoshop and lightroom filters to try to fix all the badness so you can see the goodness.

The dancer is Morgue Anne, a relative minor deity – celebrity in the burlesque circles here in Seattle, so if you get the chance to go see one of her shows it is well worth checking out. She also does Jello Wrestling from what I understand, but I have not seen this yet.


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