Slutwalk Seattle 2012 Pictures and Comments

God Loves Sluts - Slutwalk 2012 Seattle Washington
God Loves Sluts – Slutwalk 2012 Seattle Washington

One of the things I like to do is go and take pictures of parades or protest movements. Slutwalk 2012 is a combination of both of those styles. Slutwalk is probably one of the more important things I have done this year outside or inside a studio. The basic premise of Slutwalk is that people should not get raped, that all sex regardless of what it is or how it is should be consensual. That there is a right to say no at any time and have that respected by all parties.

We talk about “rape culture”, we talk about using the words “slut” and “whore” and “she/he begged for it” when it might not necessarily be true that this is something that is consensual.

We talk about who we are as sexual beings and what we do and what we want.

A drunk boy/girl is not “asking for it” is not “agreeing” and cannot “consent” when they are passed out on the floor or living room floor. Really what you are doing is having sex, or having non-consensual sex, or raping someone because they cannot resist.

Rohypnol, or other drugs just add to the problem. This is what makes Slutwalk so important as a movement at least to me, as a photographer. Check out their site and read about what they are doing, who they are, and their viewpoints. You can disagree with them and their methods, but the idea is sound, and something we should all be more aware of as we move along in this society. Check out my Gallery on Flickr for the parade/protest.

And remember – never ever use a photographers work to harass or otherwise demean people, that also happened at this event, and that alone is worth talking about. Come on seriously, this is exactly the kind of behavior that Slutwalk is trying to kill off.



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