Black Mist Studio


Black Mist Studio Shoot Model
Black Mist Studio Shoot Model

Now that I have had my say about Studio 912, a truly warm and welcoming studio here in Seattle is Black Mist Studio in Edmunds Washington at the Dayton Street photo studio. I had the biggest blast I have had taking pictures of models at the studio. Black Mist I am not ambivalent about, I really like them, good group of people including the owner/operator. Unfortunately they seem to meet maybe quarterly but when they do meet they are awesome. They usually have about six to seven models, four places to take pictures, and about five or six photographers and no one minds you taking pictures over their shoulder, which is the way it should be. The bad part is that I was having camera problems that day as my old camera was dying and I was hoping that it would make it through the whole shoot, but it didn’t make it, so I had to leave early.

Everyone was truly cool, and jumping in with the models and the main photographer, one photographer had brought a box of props with him, and that is something that I was really thankful for. So thankful that I have been building my own box of small props and other fun things like angel wings, a gas mask, hats, gloves, some clothing like boa’s and other fun things to play with for the model. Plus with a box of props, you can draw inspiration from how the model looks at the prop and how the model interacts with the prop. This was my first model shoot in a studio (I am usually an action/event photographer), so my camera was still set for doing event/action photography so I really was not using the strobes as the studio had a lot of natural light and was very awesome to shoot in, and the models all rocked.

If you have the chance to intersect with the Black Mist Studio when you have time to do a shoot, this is one studio that is worth looking at. The lead model Rebel is also starting her own studio, and we are fully supporting her mission to do so, she is having her first shoot in November. That one will be interesting as she is one amazingly cool person to work with.


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