Jesse Bell Jones Burlesque Dancer

Jesse Bell Jones Burlesque DancerJesse Bell Jones Burlesque Dancer

If you missed this weekend’s Steampunk Exhibition Ball, then you really missed out on one of the coolest and fun parties here in the Seattle area. So I was lucky enough to be one of the event photographers for the show and finally got everything processed and done nicely for the Center for Sex Positive Culture who sponsors the event. Tons of very cool stuff, but let’s look at this from a photographer’s perspective. Lighting was awesome this year, the stage was nicely lit with a huge dance floor that had some decent overhead lighting, and the guy manning the spot light was also pretty good. Camera set on Auto no flash because in an event you really don’t have time to go manual, nor do you have time to go Aperture priority along the way. This is when you trust your camera to make decisions or you don’t. Surprisingly the camera did a pretty good job, so a lot of pictures worked out that I didn’t think would. Jessie Bell Jones is one of those sets.

Challenging to say the very least. She was doing her burlesque act on the dance floor, meaning the only viable lighting was the spot light. This is why I love the spot man; he was doing a great job keeping her lit enough for the camera. The only time the auto system failed was when the spot went orange, I have no idea what it is about Nikon, auto focus, and the color orange, but they sure do not like each other. Most of the orange lit did not come out, meaning the set was short as the light rotated colors about one color per minute. Otherwise you had muted overhead lighting to work with. The ISO’s were jacked to 3200 to help compensate, but you can tell the difference between the spot and non-spot lit pictures. This is why event photography totally rocks and is awesome. You rarely have challenges like this in studio or even on the street. I need to do more stuff like this.

Enjoy the lady in horns, this was a fun burlesque to capture.


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