Evilyn Sin. Claire Burlesque Dancer

Evilyn Sin. Claire Burlesque DancerEvilyn Sin. Claire Burlesque Dancer

Evilyn Sin. Claire is probably the best Burlesque Dancer out of the Steampunk Ball. Her work was expressive, looked and felt like she spent countless hours working on the whole routine, and riveted the audience with her dance. Seriously the audience went quiet while she was doing this; no one spoke, all eyes forward.

Like all poorly lit events, this one was technically a challenge. The camera was boosted to ISO 6400, F2.8, shutter speed around 1/30 to 1/100 making smears happen when the hands moved too much. This one had an error throw out rate of something around 50% because of that. For some reason I am really focusing on hands lately. Hands are the next most expressive part of our bodies next to our faces, so making sure the hands are in clear focus with no smears is an important part of doing event photography. This routine though was special, and honestly one of the best ones to shoot because we had both hands, face, and body movements all in sych with each other allowing for some awesomely expressive pictures to be taken. You can see the intensity in the pictures of what the artist was doing at the time.

If you ever have the chance to see her in public you should go check it out. She was pretty awesome, and is coming out to be my favorite of the whole night. If you have not had a chance to go to the Seattle Steampunk Exhibition Ball, you really should, it is an amazingly wonderful night of people just being people and generally everyone there is very cool to meet up with. Dancers like Evilyn just make the night so much sweeter.


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