Grid Girl Rebel

Grid Girl Rebel

Grid Girl RebelGrid Girl Rebel

Nothing better than a vintage Charger and Rebel. Rebel is almost a Seattle institution in her own way, she runs her own modeling support group called Femme LTD, and she has some of the most fun photo shoots in the Seattle area. You rarely run into a dick photographer, and when you do, you can usually just confront them on the spot and they pretty much so shut up. Rebel is that important to the modeling photography scene, people tend to behave themselves when she is throwing a photo shoot. On average she does this about every 40 days, so if you are in Seattle, make sure to check out the group and see if you can get into the picture taking process.

These pictures were modified in light room 4.4, and used a lot of HDR settings to set these up, that means highlights off, shadows set to 100%, whites down to about 40% and blacks up to about 60% with the clarity setting up all the way to 100% to offset the race track and bring out the shadows in the car. I used a polarizer on the 18-105MM Nikor Lens to also help cut down on the variable lighting. And then finally used a gold reflector in the background to bring out what little sunlight I could bring out on the day. It was really overcast, so anything you could do to bring out a little more natural light was going to be a benefit to the photographer. I shot at 200 ASA, with aperture priority on a D5100. In all the more stuff you can do in the camera the less you have to do in post processing. I seriously thought about bringing in the Vibrancy settings in the camera, but after a couple of test shots the colors were far too overblown to get the mood that I was looking for out of this photo shoot.

All the pictures were taken at Evergreen Speedway.

I really went into this photo shoot looking to do something beyond the hot sexy model and a hot vintage car. I think I captured more of what I was looking for, adding an artistic and harsh flair to the whole process. Most of the modeling photography is so over done in Photoshop that you really don’t know what you are looking at, but you know it is not real. No Photoshop on this set, just the camera, and setting Lightroom to the standard HDR settings that you can use. There is a huge difference between going for glamour, and going for a more harsh realistic part of being a Grid Girl on the circuit. I think I captured what I was looking to do fairly well.

Grid Girl Rebel

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