Starving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shiny

Starving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shiny

Starving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shinyStarving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shiny

In what is rapidly becoming one of those way cool, holy crap I didn’t even have a clue this was so cool institutions, the Starving Artists on Parade show is something that is so worth going to go see. I was fortunate enough to get an all access special guest list allowed in with a camera that could take pictures in the dark and had a blast. So here is the low down, and why you should support the whole thing.

First of all Starving Artists on Parade is the brain child of Morgue Anne. She has managed to secure a venue (the next show is at the Highline in Capital Hill), secure some really good local talent, and turned it into a comedy, burlesque, singing, dancing, happy voyeur kind of show. Everyone is not local, but bringing in awesome people to do breathtaking things and get some volunteer cash for their efforts is totally worth it. I have paid more money for crap shows that didn’t pack a quarter of the talent into the room. With a well spaced intermission, everyone over the age of 21 should have a good time unless you get freaked out by people being themselves.

Any show that does a “Build your own Adventure” burlesque is pretty awe-inspiring, period, I don’t care what you might have to say about that whole idea being PC or not.

It is an urban wonderland of art, music, burlesque, and it happens monthly. The third Monday of every month at one of the clubs here in Seattle is the date to set aside. Honestly though having all camera access was pretty sweet along the way because it does not happen that often. ¬†Enclosed here are some of the pictures of one of the burlesque acts featuring Carrole, and this was one of the coolest, most erotic use of chocolate syrup I have ever seen in this life time. Better than my annual sojourn to China, it was so worth being there, having fun, and seeing friends who I didn’t even know went to the show. It is rapidly becoming one of the most open and transparent Seattle go out and have fun at a show institutions available to new artists to get a little attention, a little love, and have an awesome night out on the town. In all so worth going to go see, here is a link to their facebook page that should help you get oriented to the show and what to expect.

In all, yes, you need to go and support local and remote artists as they ply their trade and have an opportunity to say “hey I was there when they were just getting started”. So enjoy the pictures, and make sure you go out there to catch the show.


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