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Buy Our Kindle Books.

Recently we have started putting together our hundreds of thousands of pictures into picture books using Kindle Comic Creator from Amazon. We hope you will enjoy them as much as you love our galleries over on Smugmug and on Flickr.

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Confucius Temple Beijing ChinaConfucius Temple Beijing China. Confucius was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. He has his own Temple Education complex near to the Lama Temple in Beijing China. The influence that he has had over history and worldwide history cannot be understated. He is the developer of a school of philosophy and thought that fundamentally altered how people, government, morality and social relationships are in relationship to everything else. His followers competed successfully with many other schools during the Hundred Schools of Thought era only to be suppressed in favor of the Legalists during the Qin Dynasty. Following the victory of Han over Chu after the collapse of Qin, Confucius’s thoughts received official sanction and were further developed into a system known as Confucianism. You can purchase this on Amazon for $2.99 right here.




The Temple of Heaven Beijing ChinaThe Temple of Heaven, Beijing China. Beijing is littered with temples, both personal and on the grandest scale possible. The Temple of Heaven in South East Beijing is a temple complex on the grandest scale imaginable. The Temple of Heaven complex was used primarily during the Ming and Qing dynasties to ensure a bountiful grain harvest for the country. To get a true feel for the grounds and temple buildings you really just want to spend the day there and soak the whole complex in. Out the West Gate is the older silk road where you can spend the afternoon enjoying a cold drink and talk about your experiences visiting some of the most impressive imperial grounds in the Beijing Area. You can purchase the book for Amazon Kindle right here for $2.99





The Summer Palace Beijing ChinaThe Summer Palace, Beijing China. The Summer Palace is the largest royal park in China. As such it takes days to really get a feel for the area, and there are buildings tucked in everywhere across the royal complex. The views on a clear day from the Summer Palace almost make you feel like you are the king of the entire world with a view that goes all the way out to the horizon. This is a World Heritage site, and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Beijing. It is very easy to get to by subway, and generally crowded during the summer months. There are paths that go all the way around the complex and up to the top of Longevity Hill. The concrete steamer boat is also a very popular attraction, or if you get tired paddle boating on Kunming Lake. There is also a path to an island in the middle of the lake that is a nice retreat from the crowds. This picture book with over 100 pictures is a pictorial journal of most of the Summer Palace grounds and key sites. You can purchase this book for your Kindle or other e-readers right here for $2.99.




798 Beijing China798 Beijing China. 798 is the new artist’s colony on the outskirts of Beijing. The site is a former munitions factory that some of the most talented and fresh artists have adopted as their home, creating one of the most unique places in the city of Beijing to visit. It is raw, gritty, filled with food and music and art. Do not be surprised if you hear a band or bands practicing as you are enjoying a quiet meal in the middle of 798. It is the premier artist colony in Beijing, where you can see some of the best independent artists in Beijing. From quiet art on the streets to loud bands practicing on the upper floors of buildings, this pictorial journal with 130+ pictures is well worth sharing. You can pick up this book for your Kindle or other ebook reader right here for $2.99





The Forbidden City Beijing ChinaThe Forbidden City, Beijing China. With thousands of years of history, both kind and harsh to this World Heritage Site, the Forbidden City in Beijing China conjures images of Emperors, Princesses, Empresses, Unichs, and deeply personal politics. Harems and people, the known world was ruled from this spot under the Chinese Emperors since the Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The Forbidden City is always crowded; it is part of the Chinese People’s history, and as such draws in people from all over the country. It is quite spectacular to wander through the Forbidden City and see the Chinese people stand on sacred ground that for generations was forbidden to all but the Emperors most trusted aides and family. This picture book looks at all of the Forbidden City, with over 100 full color pictures. You can pick this amazingly cool book up for your Kindle or other ebook reader right here for $2.99. 




FU We are Seattle Punk Rock

FU We Are: Seattle Punk Rock Volume 1. The Fun House Seattle was the quintessential punk rock club, dive bar, and one of the best places to meet up meet new friends, listed to great music, and otherwise participate in the punk rock culture here in Seattle. Sadly the Fun House Shutdown in 2011, never to open again, but photographers used to congregate at the Fun House because they had an open camera policy. As long as you didn’t mind taking pictures from the mosh pit, no one cared what you were doing. I met some of the coolest people, and listened to some of the loudest punk rock music that Seattle had to offer. This retrospective of the Fun House is for Seattle, my friends, and for every Punk Rock Band I was able to photograph. You can purchase the book for $2.99 right here on Amazon.



Seattle Street ArtSeattle Street Art. Every city has their own street art that helps define communities, edgy art, and add to the ambiance of living. While some might argue that street art is an eyesore, in reality it is an expression of urban art that is unique to the cities it can be found in. While some street art is shared between cities, for example you will find some of the same slap tags in Beijing that you will find in Seattle and New York, most of the street art is unique to the artists that brave arrest, fines, and in some cases jail time for creating art. These pictures were taken between 2008 and 2013 and are some of the best Seattle street art we were able to find at the Pikes Place Market Alley, through Bell Town, the University District and Capitol Hill. You can purchase the book for your Kindle book reader for $2.99 right here on Amazon. 




Fantasy Photo ArtFantasy Photo Art. Inspired by Boris, these picturesexplore both the regular classic fantasy through horror fantasy. There are a number of inspirations here; from Boris to Carlos Diaz to other amazing illustrators bringing their art to a photographic image is a long complex but in the end rewarding process. Fantasy art takes many forms; we focused more on starting with beautiful images, then adding layers of backgrounds, gradients, and color correction to bring out the full fantasy art process. We hope that you enjoy this translation of Fantasy Art. You can purchase this book for your Kindle or other e-reader right here for $2.99.







Fetish, Nudes, Vintage, and Horror


Scary GirlsScary Girls. Some girls are sweet, some are wonderful, some are caring and kind and some are downright scary. This is a picture book collection of some the most horrifying places to find scary girls, from mental homes to insane asylums, morgues, and dark alley ways. This collection of pictures is based and inspired by some of the finest B horror movies made, with a nice modern spin that will make you jumpy and wondering if you should just quietly back away and not go home with them. You never know when you will end up six inches shorter. You can purchase this book for your Kindle or other ebook reader for $2.99 right here. 





Gas Mask GirlGas Mask Girl.  A gas mask is a popular item in the fetish and horror communities. This book has both fetish and horror uses of gas masks taken by our photographers. It can be used to isolate the person behind the mask, from the urbane uses in horror to the control and isolation uses in fetish photography. The gas mask has been part of popular lexicon long before World War I, it has been with us nearly 100 years, to protect and as an object of desire or horror. This book explores both themes, horror and fetish uses of a gas mask on some of the most beautiful models in the world. You can pick up this interesting fetish book right here on Amazon for your Kindle or other ebook reader right here for $2.99





Modern Vintage Volume 1

Modern Vintage Volume 1.  In the Mauve Decade (1890 to 1900) and reaching through the end of the 1920’s, naughty French postcards were part of the European experience. Some of the finest photographers of the age spent time documenting semi clothed or nude models as postcards. These postcards were sent through the mails, or stored in private collections until the internet made them available again as a sign of a bygone age, when our ancestors were documenting art as part of the cubist and surreal ages. As we look back on the Victorian through Jazz age, our ancestors, our grandparents and great grandparents were busy exploring themselves, their own sexuality, and generally getting titillated by looking at pictures of naked women. em widely available. Whole web sites have been dedicated to capturing and sharing naughty pictures from the grand Victorian age, on through the Jazz age.

We set out to recreate some of the most classic poses using modern models, lighting techniques, but staging and posing the models in the classic poses from a bygone age. The original nude images can be found in museums around the world, as part of art exhibitions, art expos, and all over the internet. These are special as they represent in some cases the highlights of a bygone age, when our ancestors were documenting art as part of the cubist and surreal ages. As we look back on the Victorian through Jazz age, our ancestors, our grandparents and great grandparents were busy exploring themselves, their own sexuality, and generally getting titillated by looking at pictures of naked women. You can pick up the book for your Kindle or other e-book reader right here for $2.99. 


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