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Bring Something Sexy the Movie

Bring Something Sexy the MovieBring Something Sexy the Movie


So in case you didn’t know we are part of a Freelance Modeling movie by Rebel and Dark Angel Productions. You can see the teaser trailer right here down below if you are interested in seeing the life of a freelance model.


Kristy/Rebel has been one of those folks who inspired me to be a better photographer and take on some of the move interesting art projects like Liquid Light, Projektor and the upcoming idea of “Dark Beauty” although I desperately need to change the name to suit more of what I am going for with the 1920’s 1930’s jazz age photography styles.


The teaser trailer is right here:


The uncut footage from the liquid light shoot I did with Kristy is right here:


In all I am super excited about being in a movie for and about freelance modeling, because this is an important aspect of the industry. I hire only freelance models; I don’t want to work with agency models because all the money does not go to the model. I would much rather the model gets all the cash and calls it good.


I also work with freelance models because I enjoy them; they are often freer in emotion and expression than what is coming out of the agency. Plus I get to work with new models, models that I continually seem to rehire depending on the project, and models that are taking an active interest in what I am doing as an art project. I tend to do more art projects than simple fashion or event photography. I have found many agency models to be a bit stiff in how they work, and that seems to be part of the agency system. I need art models, not fashion models and this drives the process.


Go check out the movie, check out the web site bring something sexy, and I hope you watch the movie when it comes out, it is going to be a great flick. It was a lot of fun to participate in, and hey it’s our first movie where we are not taking it. That is worth the blog entry and then some.


AMDEF 2013 Show Pictures – Angie and the Car Wrecks

AMDEF 2013 Show PicturesAMDEF 2013 Show Pictures – Angie and the Car Wrecks

It is going to take me a while to go through all the AMDEF pictures I took this month, so they will be coming slowly out of post processing. But have about 1/2 of them done, so time to talk about them. AMDEF rocked, and is something I am going to do as the event progresses and I can get access to the show. Lots of interesting things to go see, the combination of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion made for an awesome night out. Of course we had to leave early, but maybe next year I can hang out for the whole show and see it through to the end. It just seemed like the party would never stop and I had other things to do the following morning.

Overall though, AMDEF makes for an interesting look into the arts and music culture here in Seattle. I don’t know if any other towns do something similar to this, but they should. I can’t speak for the self esteem of those I took pictures of, but I also know that this set of pictures caused the most controversy that I have had with a photo shoot in a long time. From getting flagged for porn on Facebook, to general upset that “this makes me look fat” to misuse of tagging on Facebook, and then the general silence on G+ this obviously was something that people loved, hated, felt uncomfortable with, or otherwise caused an emotion of some sort.

This just leads me on to my continuing problems with facebook, and we decided to cut down on the pain on my regular person feed that I would start a new fan page for Studio 5 Graphics, as well as moving into my own studio so I get out of the house living room. I don’t know why something like AMDEF would cause problems on Facebook, but it sure did. Maybe that is what art and culture should be all about, making people uncomfortable. Maybe I scored a win here, and that is something that a photographer should be happy with, making people uncomfortable.

If I have not made you uncomfortable yet, give me some time, I’ll get to you eventually. In the mean time enjoy the best show of the night – Angie and the Car Wrecks, punk-a-billy was awesome. As I get more done, I’ll post them.

AMDEF 2013 Show Pictures – Angie and the Car Wrecks

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Starving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shiny

Starving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shinyStarving Artists on Parade too cool too fun too shiny

In what is rapidly becoming one of those way cool, holy crap I didn’t even have a clue this was so cool institutions, the Starving Artists on Parade show is something that is so worth going to go see. I was fortunate enough to get an all access special guest list allowed in with a camera that could take pictures in the dark and had a blast. So here is the low down, and why you should support the whole thing.

First of all Starving Artists on Parade is the brain child of Morgue Anne. She has managed to secure a venue (the next show is at the Highline in Capital Hill), secure some really good local talent, and turned it into a comedy, burlesque, singing, dancing, happy voyeur kind of show. Everyone is not local, but bringing in awesome people to do breathtaking things and get some volunteer cash for their efforts is totally worth it. I have paid more money for crap shows that didn’t pack a quarter of the talent into the room. With a well spaced intermission, everyone over the age of 21 should have a good time unless you get freaked out by people being themselves.

Any show that does a “Build your own Adventure” burlesque is pretty awe-inspiring, period, I don’t care what you might have to say about that whole idea being PC or not.

It is an urban wonderland of art, music, burlesque, and it happens monthly. The third Monday of every month at one of the clubs here in Seattle is the date to set aside. Honestly though having all camera access was pretty sweet along the way because it does not happen that often.  Enclosed here are some of the pictures of one of the burlesque acts featuring Carrole, and this was one of the coolest, most erotic use of chocolate syrup I have ever seen in this life time. Better than my annual sojourn to China, it was so worth being there, having fun, and seeing friends who I didn’t even know went to the show. It is rapidly becoming one of the most open and transparent Seattle go out and have fun at a show institutions available to new artists to get a little attention, a little love, and have an awesome night out on the town. In all so worth going to go see, here is a link to their facebook page that should help you get oriented to the show and what to expect.

In all, yes, you need to go and support local and remote artists as they ply their trade and have an opportunity to say “hey I was there when they were just getting started”. So enjoy the pictures, and make sure you go out there to catch the show.


View photos at SmugMug


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Slutball throw your shoes in the corner and come dance August 16th 2013

SlutBall FlyerSlutball throw your shoes in the corner and come dance August 16th 2013

Officially Studio5Graphics will at this year’s major fund raiser for Slut Walk Seattle. This is one of those best causes you can be involved with, and we will be helping out with the photo booth so you can get your fun on and get some cool pictures along the way as a donation. We are donating our time, our gear, and our box of awesome props, you donate a buck or two to Slutball and walk away being happy.  A bit about SlutWalk so you know what is going to happen here:

What: on January 24th, 2011, a Toronto police officer gave some advice that is all too common: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” From an 11-year-old in Texas being blamed for being gang-raped to a teenager in Seattle not being able to file rape charges because witnesses “portrayed the act as consensual,” this line of thought pervades our culture. As long as it seems like the woman might like sex, they’re made to take the blame.

We’re sick of slut-shaming and victim-blaming being a part of our culture, so we’re doing something about it: we’re going to make our voices heard. On Sunday, August 25, 2013 we will walk in Seattle to stand together to shift the blame from victims, fight the social acceptance of rape in our culture, and re-appropriate the word “slut” as one that cannot be used to harm.

People of all orientations, gender identities, races, ages, abilities, walks of life, and levels of sluttiness are invited to join us. All we ask is that you stand with us for what is right. We’re sick of being shamed for our sex choices and being told that survivors of sexual assault brought it on themselves. If you’re sick of it too, come walk with us!

So this fundraiser is pretty important to getting Slutwalk to happen, so many very cool people are donating time, energy and support for this amazing group that you need to come on down and say hello to everyone. And get a groovy picture taken at the same time. So say hello, meet us at the Re-Bar at 8PM sharp and let’s get our party on.


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Wizard World Philadelphia Cosplay

Wizard World Philadelphia CosplayWizard World Philadelphia Cosplay

I had an opportunity to do some Cosplay photography at Wizard World Philadelphia and literally had a blast. It is the rare show where all I have to do is run around and take pictures of the cosplayers, and generally get to have fun at the convention. I went as a private person, not affiliated with Wizard World in any way. Surprisingly I found that I didn’t post this set up, and I should have a while back.

Wizard World is one of the larger industrial comic book and pop culture conventions on the planet. They do multiple conventions but this was my first time there. The good part is that the show literally let me run around on the main floor taking all the pictures I wanted. I teamed up with the official photographer group for the Cosplay contest, and the Imperial Star Wars sets. The fun part was that as the show went along it was amazingly cool to run around and just take pictures of people on the floor, some candid’s, and otherwise get involved with the show in a way that was much more entertaining than a general person visiting the show.

The thing I was most impressed by was that the Cosplayers really just owned their own Cosplay. There was none of the snarky BS that I have seen at other shows where purity matters. No these people took the idea, and then made them theirs. From Black Superman all the way through the Doctor Who process, people were dressed up and ready to show off. There were some professional cosplayers there as well to help people feel more comfortable dressing up and showing off, and that made a huge difference in how the Cosplay kept on going throughout the three day show.

In all Wizard World Philly ended up being a really fun event to just go run around and take pictures of. If you are working on getting into Cosplay photography, take a 55-200MM lens with you, and you do want the UV Filter for bump protection along the way. Take a flash but use it as a fill rather than as a primary light source. Your white balance should be set to the incandescent lamps that are used all over convention centers. If you decide to take pictures outside, remember to set your white balance back to daylight full sun. You might also want to take something like an 18-105 lens as well for the larger group shots, as you can see in the pictures, when you get to the group shots of 100’s you want to have the widest angle possible to try to get everyone into the same shot.

Wizard World Philadelphia Cosplay


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RawArtists Seattle September 2013 You are Invited

RawArtists Seattle September 2013 You are Invited

RawArtists Seattle September 2013 You are Invited

Huzzah it is my first showing in many many years, I got invited to RAW Seattle to show off the stuff I like the most. I’ll post ticket information when I have all the data to get it to you. I have been trolling my pictures to see which ones the public has liked the most and using that as a way to determine what non-nude pictures I can use. Racy is cool, but I think in going through their web site that nude/semi-nude is not on the buffet for this one. Not that I mind, I have some awesome non-nude pictures  and have been building up the list of interesting things to show off from the collection of 50,000 thousand pictures that I keep on line, winnowing them down to 25 or so that I really love, and the audience loves has been a challenge.

Overall though this one should be interesting to approach. We will be going to the one on the 27th of July at the Trinity Night Club to check it out and see what the show is all about. I’ll take some pictures to see what others are doing and what the standards are going to be like. If anyone knows what passes for cocktail dress now a days please let me know, I have no clue. I am more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, heck we are lucky if I am wearing pants some times.

I do think that this will be a lot of fun either way to see what the process looks like, the last time I was at a gallery show was in the 1980’s. I am sure that gallery shows have changed since then, and getting inside the Trinity is just going to be a lot of fun in the longer run. The club is wonderful, and a pretty cool place to hang out. I like the idea that this is a multi-modal show, fashion, art, music, everything, kitchen sink. That should keep things all the more interesting as they go through the process of finding people to show stuff off and add to the collection of artists that they are supporting by offering them an audience, a space, and time to get to know others in the community.

If photographers are not doing their best social media, it is really super important that you do so. The only reason I think these folks found me is that I am posting a lot, and that is what keeps this all interesting, and fresh in people’s minds. Hope to see you there, it should be a riot. September 28th, hope to see you there.


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Sakuracon 2013 Event Photography

Sakuracon 2007
Sakuracon 2007 (Photo credit: TheKingInYellow)

Sakuracon 2013 Event Photography


Sakuracon is one of my favorite events to take pictures at. The amazing number of people there in Cosplay is always fun to see, and take pictures of. There is always something interesting about taking pictures at an event like Sakuracon. One the kids and their parents are generally awesome, and there is an etiquette about taking pictures at a show like this.

The first thing to remember, most of these people are under age, so you have to make sure that you ask their parents if it is ok to take their pictures. I have always found it good to ask in general, and to make sure that you are not “creepy guy with camera” have your photography cards handy. Make sure you give out your photography cards to anyone who asks for it.

Sakuracon has ejected photographers in the past for being too much creepy guy with camera, and not enough care being paid attention to the people you are taking pictures of. Sakuracon has a pretty intense photography policy that professional photographers should pay attention to, to make sure that they are following the rules. People get really nervous when a person is taking pictures of their kids in costumes. And some of the anime costumes can be a bit revealing.

Your best bet when taking pictures at a show like this is to make sure you are being totally cool. If they say no, go with that and just go find someone else to take pictures of. There will be professional cosplayers there, so you can go take pictures of them.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Sakuracon 2012 if you are interested in checking them out.

Above all, be cool, follow the rules, ask, hand out your card to everyone, and have a great weekend taking event pictures. Be every aware that many of the people there are underage, so make sure you are in contact with their parents before doing anything.
And for the love of everything, if there is another catastrophic costuming failure when taking a picture of someone, it is your responsibility to stop taking picture, and make sure you delete them off your camera.

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