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As always with any new project we have our dreams hopes and aspirations. We try to live our lives experiencing Art all around us every day, our dreams intersect with that art, inspiring us, enlightening us, making us scared, happy, afraid, joyous, the run of emotions that we feel as we go about our lives. Design intersects with reality, the things we see every day, from the mundane to the amazing. What do we see, how do we interact with it, how we approach our lives.

Beyond politics, beyond propaganda, beyond manipulation of the things we intersect with every day, Studio 5 Graphics is a small boutique art design studio, free and clear to explore the ideas, places, experiences, and enjoyment that is this life.

Enjoy our site, share it, experience it, share your dreams with it, approach it with and open mind, and open heart, and an open set of biases.

Black Mist Model Edmunds Washington May 2012


You never know what you will find, that will delight, horrify, find joy in, or rebel against the dreams and ideas that you might be working with as you go through your life. Enjoy the site, tell us what you think.


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