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Pinup Model Alley Kat

Pinup Model Alley KatPinup Model Alley Kat

Alley Kat is new to me, and I was able to get some quick pinup pictures with her at the recent Rock the Bikini photo shoot in Poulsbo Washington. In all this ended up being a really interesting photo shoot, and one that could be easily made into Vargas style prints using Photoshop CS 6. Whenever you get the chance to shoot a pinup think of Vargas and the posing will be a lot easier for you to do. You can also think of Dita Von Tease as well if you prefer a more modern approach to Pinup. I am more old school, thinking the front of bombers in World War 2 more so than the stern latex style of today.

Alley Kat is perfect for old school, especially with the school girl one piece bikini that she was wearing. The problem was that the background didn’t have enough draw on the ground, and I didn’t want wicked shadows in the shoot. So I ended up having to do a lot of background fill in to make these pictures work. These pictures were taken in bright sunlight, fill flash, and a white background on pavement, running at 100 ISO and as clamped down on the camera as possible to flatten the picture (almost Bokeh) to the point where everything would flow together when taking the picture.

There were minimal light room corrections overall, other than the healing brush, upping the exposure and upping the contrast to bring out the tattoos that she has. I used the dodge burn tool in Photoshop CS 6, along with upping the highlights in the hair, adding a burlap texture, as well as adding a 10% opaque fiber to the picture to make it look like it had been rained on, or had some serious wear and tear to add to the Vargas feel.

In all, not enough pictures came out the way that I would have wanted them to come out. Some came out exactly as I was seeing them in my own head. I’ll probably go back to this shoot later on and do some revising of them to see what other things I can do to bring out what I was thinking at the time I was taking the pictures. Many thanks though to Alley Kat, I would love to get her back into the studio again and see what other kinds of pinups we can do. If you ever get the change to do a “rock the bikini” as a photographer or as a model, it is worth checking out.


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