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Taking pictures of someone in a Glass Display Case

Taking pictures of someone in a Glass Display CaseTaking pictures of someone in a Glass Display Case

Sometimes you have to do something unusual, last time we were at a nearly abandoned warehouse for a latex and motorcycle picture shoot we ran across this old display case. One of the models wanted to have her pictures taken of her inside the display case, and from a photographic standpoint we had windows, reflective glass, she was wearing latex, and this was going to make for an interesting day. Probably one of the most difficult things I could do as all we had was minimal natural lighting because the windows were partially painted over, a flash, and a lot of shiny stuff to reflect the light.

The reflections were killer, sometimes I think I would rather deal with nothing but shadows, yet I was up for something difficult and this is how they came out.

Lots of technical issues, one posing a model in a glass display case is hard, there really is not a lot of room in there for anyone. Reflections, shadows, light, shiny stuff, latex, everything that could make something difficult was right in the frame here.

Lots of manual settings on the camera, lots of hands over the flash kit to reduce shadows, and lots of pictures chucked because I didn’t like them at all. These are the ones that I thought were simply passing minimal on this one. I am not sure of these, as it seems the ones I like are the ones people hate; the ones I hate are the ones that people like. Go figure, so I leave it up to you, good bad or ugly, what is your opinion.

Otherwise, if you have a model that has even so much as a crazy idea, you should try it, you never know what you will learn.





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