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Glamour Bikini Model Javs Anne

Glamour Bikini Model Javs AnneGlamour Bikini Model Javs Anne

This is a set from Rock the Bikini earlier this summer, trying to catch up on all the pictures I have taken this summer has ended up being a challenge that I am really falling behind on. If you want to see all the modeling pictures go to this LINK, if you want to see all the events, burlesque and other stuff including PAX go to this LINK.

Javs Anne is one of the more fun models to take pictures of. She has a natural grace when it comes to working with her in front of the camera. She has a photographer boyfriend/husband/SO that has kept her busy since this photo shoot and I am glad that I met both of them. The set pretty much so speaks for itself in terms of the model and how natural she is in front of the camera.

I used a white reflector and a fill flash for this as we were under a tree at the time, and the tulle fabric we were using as a prop for the whole shoot. I really needed something that would cut through the tulle so that I could get some of the light through it and fill in the shade from the tree. Full day light and water behind the model was the real issue throughout this photo shoot, so the reflector and the fill flash with my favorite gary fong was the best way to go.

I didn’t use any special effects in Lightroom or any other software program. From Camera to Lightroom, with some highlights and increasing the contrast a bit was all that was really needed to bring out the model and give the mood that I was trying to create for this quick model set.

Glamour Bikini Model Javs Anne


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Bikini Model Chantal – Water Nymph

Bikini Model Chantal - Water NymphBikini Model Chantal – Water Nymph

Yeah this was a fun shoot, and there is nothing better than taking pictures beach side and sharing the experience. Chantal is one of the easiest going models I have worked with this year, and is very talented as a model. She was part of the rock the bikini photo shoot a few weekends back that was an awful lot of fun. There is something about good music, good people, happy photographers and models that make an entire shoot just click nicely. This was one of those times.

I took these pictures at 100 ASA, F5.4, with a fill flash and my trusty Gary Fong because the light was direct sunlight. These were taken in the afternoon so the light was coming in on her side and I really needed to be able to fill in the heaver shadows that the direct sunlight was casting. However that made for some awesome highlights in the water, and lit up the background beach nicely. I honestly thought about using a white or silver reflector but no stage hand to help out, and the fill flash seemed to be doing the job nicely along the way.

These were taken in Poulsbo Washington on one of the few sunny days here in the state. All that light helped make the editing process in Lightroom 4.4 very easy. Since the images were mostly the same, you could make the corrections to a key image, and then copy all those corrections over through the rest of the set. The only real corrections were to lighten the shadows a bit, then work on the color channels to bring out the colors of the Bikini (all that light was washing out the colors), and then bring about a natural skin tone once I had the blue and aqua channels set up the way I wanted them.

In all if you are taking pictures in broad daylight in the water, you really do want to have some kind of fill flash or a reflector (mine is a 42 inch white, silver, gold reflector) to help kill off some of the shadows that are going to be generated by all the light reflecting off the water and from the direct sunlight. In all though this is something worth practicing and having a model that is willing to work with you while you are flipping through the camera settings is always something that is really handy. Thank you Chantal, this set came out pretty good.


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Event Photography Akicon 2012

Akicon 2012 Bellevue Washington Cosplay


Event Photography Akicon 2012

Event photography is probably one of the more fun things I get the opportunity to do. There is a lot of enjoyment running around a convention taking pictures of the Cosplay that you get to see, because the people who wear Cosplay really try hard to be as accurate as possible with their costumes, and generally just want to have some fun with it. Event photography is also fairly easy as many people want to have their pictures taken for later use. All the events I go to the pictures are Creative Commons, just mention my name or send me a link back and life is wonderful. The cooler part is that given that the pictures are Creative Commons about 90% of the people who use the pictures later on also do link back and give me the credit for the pictures. There is a wonderful synergy between photographers who hand out their cards so that people can find the pictures later, and the actual use that those pictures have online.

Usually I run around with the camera set in Aperture mode, with a flash using a Gary Fong diffuser on my larger flash. Since most of the pictures are taken inside and outside that setting just makes it easier to go on the fly letting the camera do the work while I try to keep photo bombing out of the process. You will get the back of people’s heads, body parts, hands, and blurry pictures if you are not paying attention not only to the crowds, but to the generally bad lighting or harsh stark lighting. Most of the Con’s here in Seattle take place in the early spring or late fall, indoors and outdoors, lighting is what you bring with you to smooth out what the venues provide.

This is from Akicon 2012, you can see from the various lighting sources, indoor fluorescent, indoor bulb, and outdoor stark light from the sun with heavy shadows that this event was difficult to photograph. It is fairly easy to get a press pass for the smaller events, but you really do owe it to the event to share the pictures once they are done. Sharing means the event organizers and the event attendees see your work and you stand a much better chance of getting back in to the show in subsequent years. You also get the benefit of feedback from the people so you can improve your work, and you get the benefit of them sharing your pictures to help build up your name.

Good publicity and the ability to get into the events that is the important part, working on your photography also helps along the way. You will get a unique experience at shows and events, ones that are far removed from the controlled environments of the photo studio.


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