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Using Liquid Latex in a photo shoot

Liquid Latex Using Liquid Latex in a photo shoot


A dear photographer friend of mine this weekend taught me how to use Liquid Latex as part of a photo shoot in a way I never thought of before. All the credits go to JohnMStudios (Facebook link) for showing me how to do this, and a big prop out to Porcelain and Bri for actually allowing this stuff on their bodies and doing the work.


The liquid latex to use for this is Ammonia Free liquid latex body paint, it is kind of pricey, but a JohnMStudios used a 4-ounce bottle per model to do this. It covered about ½ of the body for the purposes of the photo shoot over the weekend. It was basically smeared on, and then allowed to get tacky on the models before he did anything.


Thing to note, when liquid latex dries it does generate heat so make sure your model knows this otherwise it might be a surprise. And make sure that they have no latex allergies by applying some to a test patch and make sure that there are no adverse reactions being noted on the models skin. Apply the liquid latex to a place not easily noticed in a picture, like the underside of the wrist so that it does not show up in pictures if there is an adverse reaction. Few models ever show the underside of their wrist in pictures.


The smudge marks on the naughty bits are done by me so I don’t get shut down by my ISP in case you are wondering. It is not a liquid latex feature or problem, just trying to do my part to keep the Internet PG-13.


Once you have the liquid latex tacky, press the models together and have them slowly push apart. The liquid latex will stick to itself more than it will stick to skin, and give you that awesome skin pulling effect that you see in so many horror movies. The good part is that you can get the liquid latex at amazon here (non affiliate link – I don’t get anything if you follow the link), and it comes in a variety of colors, including day glow black light colors so you can do pretty much so anything you want to do here.


I personally recommend that you do the skin prep formula as well for the models, but this effect requires you don’t do the skin prep. You want it to pull away in chunks rather than in one solid sheet. Try it out, it is a pretty neat effect, and show JohnMStudios some love by following him on Facebook here.



Latex Model Justine

Justine Latex ModelLatex Model Justine


I had a great opportunity to work with Justine one last time before she headed off to the big city to boost her career. There is always something wonderful about shiny latex, and taking latex pictures can be a challenge.


Latex is great under flash photography, under continuous lighting the shiny sometimes does not work out the way that it needs to work out with the light reflecting off the model so you get the super shiny highlights.


One of the interesting challenges of lighting this is to ensure the backdrop stays white, and that the colors pop all the way through the outfit. In the end I used two barn door spots on the background, and then two 30-inch soft boxes for the model to make sure I got something shiny. I do tend to use a four light setup, one set of lights for the background and one set of lights for the model.


To make sure I got the shiny on the latex I used a latex polisher and silicone based lubricating gel. The latex polisher was an excellent touch to make sure I got the shiny look and feel while the lubricating gel was all about getting into and out of the latex while giving it that wonderful wet look that is essential to taking good latex pictures. The stark white background was used for the shoot so that I could get the colors to pop off the outfit and give additional texture and vibrancy to the colors.


I am still learning how to do amazing latex pictures, but what I find the most interesting about shooting latex is the phenomenal costs associated with purchasing the outfits. Latex models are also a breed apart when it comes to working with the materials. Some of the best suggestions I got on the care and feeding of latex was from the models I work with. In all this is a fun project to work on, and while I wish I could show you much more, I am still plagued by people trolling through Smugmug looking for naughty pictures, so much of what I do has been locked off and is no longer publicly accessible.




Latex Electrical Tape Model

Latex Electrical Tape ModelLatex Electrical Tape Model

I know I really have not fallen off the face of the planet, but it has been remarkably busy which is something that any photographer would be happy with. Over the last couple of months I have done a lot of photography and while I have a little downtime it is time to write about some of the photo shoots I have been doing.

One of the most interesting photo shoots of the year has to be the electrical latex tape shoot I did with JohnMStudios and Miss Kate over here in Seattle. There was no MUA for this shoot, but covering someone in artistically designed electrical tape is something that I have not done before, and it is something that ended up being interesting to try out. The model Miss Kate was an amazing person to work with and has a high level of experience with standard modeling poses, if you get the chance to find her to hire her as a model it is well worth the time you will spend with her. JohnMStudios is one of the local photographers here in Seattle and has set himself up with covering people in electrical tape as his signature series, much like my own Ziegfeld Follies style recreations.

A couple of things I learned while doing this, is make sure your model does not have a latex allergy. Electrical tape is based on latex so you need to make sure your model is not allergic so you don’t have to deal with hives and itching later on. The other is that you have about three hours to do the shoot before the tape starts peeling away. In some of the later pictures they had to be deleted because the tape was peeling away from private bits of the body.

The other thing to do is to have a design board with a plastic surface so you can work out the larger designs. If you work them out on the design board, you can work out your idea there without making your model uncomfortable or feel like an experimental lab rat while you try to figure it all out. Any plastic coated board will do including a plastic cutting board from the kitchen if that is all you have available to you.

It is an interesting style, and unique to JohnMStudios so far as I have been able to find. It is always fun working with a photographer who has a unique idea that is not commonly found, and you get a chance to ride side saddle with them to learn the ropes, and pitfalls of working with electrical tape as a primary clothing choice.

It is worth trying out. Check out the gallery below to see what you think.

Latex Electrical Tape Model



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Renee latex and gasmask set two

Renee latex and gasmask set twoRenee latex and gasmask set two

Renee is one of the best models I have worked with and doing a photo shoot down in an abandoned warehouse in Seattle was probably one of the most fun things I have done in a while. I did this photo shoot a while back, and just now getting around to posting it. It has been a pretty busy year with taking pictures, so I am way behind on the work flow right now. They are posted, and you can check them all out on Smugmug under People/Models if you want to do so.

Because it was an abandoned warehouse, I wanted a really stark look to the whole thing, harsh lighting (Flash set on full auto) ratchet down the aperture and did some very short exposures on this photo shoot. No reflectors, no soft lighting, no glamour, nothing but abandoned spaces, an amazingly cool person to work with, and some really harsh feel to the whole setup. In Lightroom when I brought them in I increased the clarity to 100% because I really wanted to bring out all the lines and make them look like something out of a Mad Max photo set. I wanted it gritty and post apocalypse in look and feel. I think I pretty much so hit it on the head. When you are not in a hurry and you have time with a model to just get to spend the time realizing your vision and the model is totally receptive to what weirdness you are trying to do.

If you get the chance to hire her you should, she is really awesome when it comes to taking pictures, and have a lot of fun being a model.

I really do love the post apocalypse feel with the gas mask and the latex outfit. The red and black corset just helps set the whole thing off. She is very pale in skin tone, but you can have a lot of fun with images in Lightroom to help bring out some of the more nuances with the lighting and how the photo shoot went. There is just a whole lot of awesome when working in an abandoned warehouse, with a model in latex and a corset and a gas mask, then just goes to town with your own vision and what you want it to be. Renee really helped pull this one off, and it was a really sweet photo shoot.

Renee latex and gasmask set two


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Taking pictures of someone in a Glass Display Case

Taking pictures of someone in a Glass Display CaseTaking pictures of someone in a Glass Display Case

Sometimes you have to do something unusual, last time we were at a nearly abandoned warehouse for a latex and motorcycle picture shoot we ran across this old display case. One of the models wanted to have her pictures taken of her inside the display case, and from a photographic standpoint we had windows, reflective glass, she was wearing latex, and this was going to make for an interesting day. Probably one of the most difficult things I could do as all we had was minimal natural lighting because the windows were partially painted over, a flash, and a lot of shiny stuff to reflect the light.

The reflections were killer, sometimes I think I would rather deal with nothing but shadows, yet I was up for something difficult and this is how they came out.

Lots of technical issues, one posing a model in a glass display case is hard, there really is not a lot of room in there for anyone. Reflections, shadows, light, shiny stuff, latex, everything that could make something difficult was right in the frame here.

Lots of manual settings on the camera, lots of hands over the flash kit to reduce shadows, and lots of pictures chucked because I didn’t like them at all. These are the ones that I thought were simply passing minimal on this one. I am not sure of these, as it seems the ones I like are the ones people hate; the ones I hate are the ones that people like. Go figure, so I leave it up to you, good bad or ugly, what is your opinion.

Otherwise, if you have a model that has even so much as a crazy idea, you should try it, you never know what you will learn.





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Renee post apocalypse latex and gas mask


Renee post apocalypse latex and gas mask
Renee post apocalypse latex and gas mask

Got a little post apocalypse in my last photo shoot with Renee, and had a blast with it. We were down by the Ducati Dealership (if you want to check out the ladies on the bikes – go right here). The place we were taking pictures at was a nearly abandoned warehouse with just one company, and a lot of storage space. Tons of motor cycles, tons of vespas, and some really nice private space with heavy industrial gear, a table, and a wall of windows that had been partially painted over. You can’t get better than that if you are thinking of the zombie apocalypse, walking dead kind of story line.

For magic add Renee, a gas mask, and an awesome latex out fit and let her go for broke. She was totally awesome throughout the whole day, but this is the set I like the best. As usual the things I like the best are the ones that the pundits tend to pass on, but I am cool with that. Sometimes you just have to shoot your own space, your own ideas, and get the images you wanted to get.

I think a lot of photographers are just searching for commercial success, and taking images that they know will sell. Kids, sunsets, sun rises, nature, but there is something awesome about grit. Grit, dirt, the dark places we inhabit, also need to be explored. Subcultures are beautiful, and I am so profiting by the time I am spending learning from Patrick Andraste that this is getting to be more of the kind of photography I want to do. There is something awesome here, awesome in a beginners kind of way.

While I will be spending the next two months doing event photography over at Emerald City Comic Con, The Steampunk Ball, Sakuracon, Norwest Con, and other places, I need to revisit this style. In the mean time – enjoy Renee post apocalypse latex and gas mask.


Renee post apocalypse latex and gas mask


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Polly a latex and tattoo model

Polly a latex and tattoo model
Polly a latex and tattoo model


Polly a latex and tattoo model

I really ended up liking Polly quite a lot; she is a very capable and very cool model to work with. I think the thing I liked the most about working with Polly was that she was very relaxed in front of the camera, and seemed to know what I wanted to do, almost as I was doing it. Working with a top flight model when you are still learning how to get a model to pose for what you were looking for. If you are starting out as a photographer taking pictures of models, it is always going to be much easier to start off with a top model who knows what they are doing. They can help you learn a ton of stuff along the way, and actually help you understand posing.

Posing is not an easy thing because there are literally “so many moving parts”, hands, hair, lights, shadows, highlights, motion, and classic versus more modern poses. Photographers have to keep a running tally of interesting poses in their head, it is always going to be much easier if the model is also up to date on what they know to help fill in your gaps in knowledge. If you get a chance to work with Polly or any other very good model with a lot of experience as you get started, your photo shoot will look and feel a lot better.


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