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Renee latex and gasmask set two

Renee latex and gasmask set twoRenee latex and gasmask set two

Renee is one of the best models I have worked with and doing a photo shoot down in an abandoned warehouse in Seattle was probably one of the most fun things I have done in a while. I did this photo shoot a while back, and just now getting around to posting it. It has been a pretty busy year with taking pictures, so I am way behind on the work flow right now. They are posted, and you can check them all out on Smugmug under People/Models if you want to do so.

Because it was an abandoned warehouse, I wanted a really stark look to the whole thing, harsh lighting (Flash set on full auto) ratchet down the aperture and did some very short exposures on this photo shoot. No reflectors, no soft lighting, no glamour, nothing but abandoned spaces, an amazingly cool person to work with, and some really harsh feel to the whole setup. In Lightroom when I brought them in I increased the clarity to 100% because I really wanted to bring out all the lines and make them look like something out of a Mad Max photo set. I wanted it gritty and post apocalypse in look and feel. I think I pretty much so hit it on the head. When you are not in a hurry and you have time with a model to just get to spend the time realizing your vision and the model is totally receptive to what weirdness you are trying to do.

If you get the chance to hire her you should, she is really awesome when it comes to taking pictures, and have a lot of fun being a model.

I really do love the post apocalypse feel with the gas mask and the latex outfit. The red and black corset just helps set the whole thing off. She is very pale in skin tone, but you can have a lot of fun with images in Lightroom to help bring out some of the more nuances with the lighting and how the photo shoot went. There is just a whole lot of awesome when working in an abandoned warehouse, with a model in latex and a corset and a gas mask, then just goes to town with your own vision and what you want it to be. Renee really helped pull this one off, and it was a really sweet photo shoot.

Renee latex and gasmask set two


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Unveiling the New Smugmug

Unveiling the New SmugmugUnveiling the New Smugmug

I have been a fan and user of Smugmug since 2005, and since then I have seen a lot of changes with the site, most of them have been under the hood, but this is the first time Smugmug has rolled out a new look and feel. Anytime any web site updates the User Interface (UI) you wonder what all is going to break along the way. This time though, no breaking, just good clean solid programming making things much more pretty, and a way to harmonize your Smugmug site with the other web sites that you use to showcase your pictures.

If you want to check out the changes – trot on over here.

It took about 5 hours to roll my 60,000 pictures over on the Smugmug site to the point where I could get to the new UI and then actually go tinker with it. There were a lot of people out there yesterday trying to do the same thing and while they say it might take a minute or two to do this, the more pictures you have the more time it will take to roll everything over to the new UI. I have some friends who had 150,000 pictures or more that are still waiting and we all tried to do this about the same time yesterday. So figure about an hour for every 10,000 pictures wait time for the roll over and that means you can go grab a cup of coffee or take a nap, or go do something useful along the way while you are waiting.

The wait is worth it.

Smugmug wait screen

The new UI is clean, pretty, and allows you to really customize a lot of what you do or how you want to showcase your stuff. I personally made a special gallery of my latest stuff or the stuff I really love and then used that as my main linkage point back into the rest of the site. You are going to see a drop off in traffic as people try to get used to the new Smugmug layout, and some of it is counter intuitive. For example, there is a browse link, I wanted to change the name over to Check out the other Galleries, but you can’t change the text on the default links. You can however finally make a link back to the other places you store stuff, so you can interlink your Smugmug with your web site, flickr, Deviant Art, and other places to build a route to the other places you share your stuff.

The wait was so worth it.

Honestly I really love what Smugmug has done here, I am generally not a foaming at the mouth rabid fan, and there were some hitches with Smugmug last year with the pricing model that they had proposed. But I also know that Smugmug will listen to people, so while I whine about the browse vs galleries link – if that is the only think I found lacking, then I consider myself very lucky. Smugmug is worth the cost, and the time, and the new UI roll out last night just hit on all the numbers. Thank you Smugmug, as always, you are awesome.


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Glamour Model Plush – Post Andy Warhol

Glamour Model Plush - Post Andy WarholGlamour Model Plush – Post Andy Warhol

Sometimes you click with a model in such a way that you can get some vision going with a photo shoot and everyone agrees and starts acting like we are going to have some fun here. Working with Plush – Model Mayhem Number 2257785 is a lot of fun. She is amazingly cool in front of the camera. So what I wanted to do was try to capture some of the wasted feel to the Factory Studio that Warhol ran from the 1960’s through his death. Like it or Loath it, Andy made an impression, and sometimes it is nice to get a feel from his art and the times by being able to try to recreate the look and feel of the era. Plush did really amazingly well trying to capture the whole idea behind it.

These pictures were shot at the old INS Building downtown Seattle now called Inscape. There was some street art feel work down the basement and we basically camped out there, used the natural light from the yellow overheads (to match her very blond yellow hair) and said, let’s act like we are on LSD and see what we can come up with. Plush just went for it.

Some of the more interesting angles were me laying on the floor (she is short and I am tall, there is almost a foot difference in height, so very little shooting at the same eye level was going to happen here) and her doing her thing trying to look drugged out. The cigarette was just a nice bonus as a prop for her to work with. This is the result, and while not pop art, it is more of a representation of a very bygone era. There will most likely not be anything like the 1960’s again or for a very long time. The pendulum seems to be swinging back to a more conservative time. With any luck though, there will always be interesting interpretations of a time where everything, every boundary was being pushed. From personal viewpoints to equal rights, to art, to sex, to science, to people we explored. I hope that we get an opportunity to have something similar in the future, but then, on that one I don’t know if we can pull it off.

Glamour Model Plush – Post Andy Warhol


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