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It is time to talk about Smugmugs Terms of Service

Polly Latex Model
Polly Latex Model


It is time to talk about Smugmugs Terms of Service

I love Smugmug – and just renewed for my 8th year there, but I have a problem. I can post nude, fine art nude, and other pictures just about everywhere else than Smugmug. Section 13 of the Terms of Service at Smugmug specifically forbids nudes; unfortunately I take them from time to time. I am also getting feedback from people who look at my Smugmug account that the pass wording system in place is tedious – they want instant gratification. Some professional photographers and many amateurs make their money off nude pictures. Tasteful or not, this is one of the ways of making money as a photographer.

I really want my Smugmug viewers to be happy – and while I post the password to certain galleries right in the description – many users do not read, so I get e-mails, which I have to answer and shoot them the password along the way. Tedious, boring, no instant gratification. The user sometimes is the lowest common denominator. We all have to live with with that.

However there is also a solution that other photo hosting companies have in place, one that would be good for Smugmug to emulate.  Flickr, Deviant Art, 500PX, Instagram, and many other photo sites have provisions for adult, fine art nude, or other works that could be offensive to some, but make money for the photographer. On all these systems you merely mark that they are restricted for nudity or whatever reason, then continue on with your upload.

It is well past time for Smugmug to fix this problem and open up a whole new avenue for photographers. While in private correspondence with Smugmug Support Heroes they said that as part of the discretionary portion of the policy they only enforce it when someone complains. That is a tenuous process; no one who is taking fine art nudes or fetish work knows when someone is going to complain.

This is one of the very few ways that Smugmug could be more competitive in the market. And it is a simple fix – new column in the database with 1, 2, 3 good, hot, oh my god this is nude, and then let the photographers simply mark their pictures as to if they are safe for work or not.

I’ll still stay with Smugmug for as long as they exist, but I would really like to see this small simple change be moved right into the board room for discussion. There are already fine art nudes and other works throughout the system. It is time to help photographers out on this one, people who take fetish, nude, fine art, and in some cases controversial works could benefit from this change to the system.

What say you Smugmug?



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Welcome to Studio 5 Graphics

Burlsque Dancer at Crypticon Seattle 2012
Burlesque Dancer at Crypticon Seattle 2012

Art, Dreams, Design, Reality. Who we are and what we do and how we go about it and what we think about what we are doing is all encapsulated in the art we produce, the dreams we have, the designs that we do, and how we bring them to reality and fruition. Welcome one and all.

This site is made up of multiple layers, the things we do, the things we want to do if we can find the time, space, and energy to do them on the side, and the ideas that we aspire to. There is so much that we can share with our unique vision of the places that we go, the people that we meet, and the ideas that come to us over coffee or drink of choice in the places that we exist in.

We read way too many existentialism books by the way.

Parts of this site might not be safe for work, so be careful – we will mark when and where something is not safe for work so that you don’t get busted up too badly if you are checking this out from work. We really recommend that if you are hitting this site from a corporate server that you back off and go someplace else. We should be blocked by most nanny/interception software as either being too adult for a company, or too awesome for the internet. Take your pick, it is all in how you see the world.

The surreal is a way of life, and no we are not a pile of dead hipsters, zombies, or generally weird people along the way. Weird is relative. Occasionally we tend to do something overly bizarre along the way, but then that is what makes life interesting.

So welcome, and welcome again. We hope you enjoy this site, and the things we do, the things we want to do, and the goals that we aspire to.

To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art – that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.

Charles Baudelaire

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/aspiration.html#qMy0M75Qbc4hV8XP.99

Just remember, art is a way of looking at the world, it is not the only way, but one of the more wonderful ways of looking at the world.



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