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Using Deviant Art for Stock Photography

Fantasy Couple Using Deviant Art for Stock Photography


Some photographers end up using a lot of stock photography, and sadly many of the stock photography sites out there can be pretty lame. The pictures are not what you want to use, the keyword system does not cough up what you are looking for, and in other ways they simply don’t have what you are looking for.


The good part is that there is an excellent alternative to stock photography sites for some of the work you want to do. One of them is Deviant Art, especially if you are looking for fantasy backgrounds for your images like the one we used for our cover picture for this article. It is a stock background from Shinobinaku from deviant art who left this beautiful arch for people to use for their stock photography needs.


Below is a short video on how to use deviant art for stock photography.



Some ideas though you need to be aware of.


Not all stock photography is free for any use, sometimes the people who make the images want final editorial approval of the image, other times they want to make sure you are not using it for any commercial purposes (this includes advertising on your web site if you use it). There are other restrictions that people put up that can kill off the creative flow.


While at times you want to just say screw it, it is better to ignore any stock photography that comes with any encumbrances to your creative output. If they want final creative say so, or no commercial purposes, respect that and move on even if it was the best background creative image you could imagine. In the longer run it is not worth the hassle.


I hope you like the video, the audio is a little weak, so you might need to turn up the volume.


New eBook Demons with Poetry by Mikhail Lermntov

New eBook Demons with Poetry by Mikhail LermntovNew eBook Demons with Poetry by Mikhail Lermntov


We make picture books, usually for the kindle, although some of them we will print up from time to time. This year we are kicking off some changes in how we do eBooks based on the feedback we got from customers over on Amazon. There is nothing better than a good review, and even a marginal review can offer some good insight into the book.


You can purchase the book Demons here.


The biggest issue (3+ reviews) was that we didn’t include any text in our picture books. Rather we just focused in on the art, but that was not quite what people were looking for we started going through some of the older books, finding amazing stuff written around the turn of the century, the 1800’s to be precise and we found this amazing author Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov, a Russian poet and play writer. He is a lot like Edgar Allen Poe, and you know if you are into horror Goth hopelessness then Poe is your guy.


We had been working on a number of demon pictures, and decided to marry the two together.


The book of poetry that was used for this book was written in 1918 with the original poetry written before 1840. The document we used scanned by the Internet Archive. The book in its entirety reads like a play, and in some ways was probably meant to be a production piece. The Publisher of the original book was Douglas and Foulis of Edinburg after being translated by Robert Burness.


Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov was a fascinating person to read about. Essentially a rebel he was exiled on multiple occasions by Czar Nicholas for being irreverent. He seems like the kind of person that would do well in this day and age.


By no means did we use the entire book, we picked and chose what we thought would work best as an accompaniment to the pictures we had produced. There is something elegant about Victorian Poetry that sums up that age of steam, science, and the holding onto fairy tales, demons, faeries, and other assorted phantasmagoria that ran rampant through the common person as the age of science began to take root and take hold of mans thinking. As the Witch Craft delusion began to fade, so did the mystery of the countryside. Along with the loss of demons, we also lost the fae and the magical countryside.


You can read the book in its entirety from the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/demonthe00lermrich and it is worth working through the archaic language to understand that this was written 170 some odd years ago, and printed 100 years ago. It is worth reviving older books long past copyright so that the art, the words, the emotions and the feelings can be translated into more modern language while retaining the wonder, fear and hope of a long forgotten age.

Pinup Model Angee in a one piece


Pinup Model Angee
Pinup Model Angee

Sometimes the most popular galleries surprise me, and this set with Angee has ended up being one of the most popular sets out of the last Femme LTD model shoot. The photo shoot happened in January, and unfortunately with my schedule it will be sometime in April when I get to come back to the whole Femme LTD modeling group. Angee though has ended up being a surprise hit over here at Studio 5 graphics.

One she is not your typical pinup model, the cool part is that she has curves, natural lovely curves, and this was an over the shoulder shoot, in other words I wasn’t really paying attention like I usually do, rather just rattling off pictures while another photographer was busy doing his thing.  Surprise hits always makes me happy, and Angee was a really cool person to just go and take pictures of. Sometimes your most popular work are those things you just went crazy with and did for fun.

Pinup Model Angee




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1940’s Pin Up Style with Kris Inspired


Kris Inspired - pin up model
Kris Inspired – pin up model

1940’s Pin Up Style with Kris Inspired

I had this really nice opportunity to work with Kris Inspired who is an amazingly wonderful model to work with. The pin up shoot was part of a Femme LTD photo shoot where photographers and models can get together around a bunch of classic cars and have a ton of fun taking pictures, eating food, and otherwise just enjoying the day. I love these kinds of shoots because you get to work with a wide range of models and experience types. You also get to work with a wide range of photographers and their experience levels to help balance things out. If a group shoot is done right, you can end up with a really warm happy feeling.

Of course the general rules apply, if you are shooting over someone’s shoulder you should ask if that is cool. If they say no, swap out lenses to something more long range and stay well back from where they are and try not to get in the way. It is fun watching someone who is used to taking modeling pictures and posing people, you can learn a ton though osmosis if you are paying attention. Oh and watch for that bottle of water in the back ground, and people in the back ground, and if you have to start talking about being photo bombed because it is going to happen. These are always a lot of fun and helps the photographer learn a ton, and working with models like Kris, you should give these kinds of shoots a try.



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Polly a latex and tattoo model

Polly a latex and tattoo model
Polly a latex and tattoo model


Polly a latex and tattoo model

I really ended up liking Polly quite a lot; she is a very capable and very cool model to work with. I think the thing I liked the most about working with Polly was that she was very relaxed in front of the camera, and seemed to know what I wanted to do, almost as I was doing it. Working with a top flight model when you are still learning how to get a model to pose for what you were looking for. If you are starting out as a photographer taking pictures of models, it is always going to be much easier to start off with a top model who knows what they are doing. They can help you learn a ton of stuff along the way, and actually help you understand posing.

Posing is not an easy thing because there are literally “so many moving parts”, hands, hair, lights, shadows, highlights, motion, and classic versus more modern poses. Photographers have to keep a running tally of interesting poses in their head, it is always going to be much easier if the model is also up to date on what they know to help fill in your gaps in knowledge. If you get a chance to work with Polly or any other very good model with a lot of experience as you get started, your photo shoot will look and feel a lot better.


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New Year Rollup how did I do with Pictures



New Year Rollup how did I do with Pictures

2012 is simply going to go down as the year that I hit the professional photographer stage with a wallop. 2011 was a very simple year, some 183,000 picture views and not many people all that interested in what I was doing; as well I only uploaded around 3,000 pictures in total. This year though I wanted to stretch my wings a bit and see what I was capable of doing, what I wanted to learn, and how to get some of those coveted sales that were so important to crossing over from amateur to professional. I did get sales, but not many, and I stomped all over last year’s picture views with a vengeance.

Total picture views for the year officially are 1.9 million, however with all the sharing, and other places I found my work over the year we can easily bump that up to 2 million, but I’ll stick with the official stats on what I can directly record as people’s interest in the things I took pictures of. Sharing however became one of the critical components to what I was doing, sharing meant a lot, and introduced me to a whole new level of people who were interested in what I was doing. But here is how things break down.

Most popular sites I posted at:



Deviant Art


Most important places to find places to take pictures

Meetup.com hands down the most important place I went to this year to find photo events in my area

Events like Sakuracon, Emerald City Comic Con and sharing those pictures with the fans

Personal contacts, thank you for inviting me to come along and take pictures

Most popular galleries in total:

Freemont Summer Solstice Parade

World Naked Bike Ride Seattle

Sakuracon 2012

Emerald City Comic Con 2012

Jet City Comic Show 2012

Kumoricon 2012

Faerie Con West 2012

Crypticon Seattle 2012

Geek Girl Con 2012

Latex Model Shoot December 2012

Most important social networks:


Deviant Art



Lessons learned from this year are probably the most important for me to understand and use 2013 as a way to monetize the picture taking. The whole hobby has to start paying for itself now that it is getting to be rather expensive in terms of hosting, sharing, and the way that I go about taking pictures. Personal contacts were important, but honestly, Meetup.com out performed everything else that I could think of for finding modeling events to take pictures at. While I did get my Model Mayhem account this year finally, it was meetup.com that really made the difference, and has already made a difference in what will happen in 2013. I am already booked through the end of April because of meetup.com and the events I went to in 2012. I cannot recommend meetup.com enough that is what opened so many doors this year for taking pictures of models.

Overall, now it is time to monetize the picture taking and that is what I am going to work on a lot in 2013, need a way to feed the beast, and this is going to have to start paying for itself, I would at least like to break even on the events I take pictures at, so let’s see what happens with 2013.


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