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Projektor – New art book

Projektor a Justine Nude in Texturenew art book


For those of us who have a deep love of what was happening in the 1920’s post      World War I as the world exploded in relief from the end of the first industrial        mechanized war, Projektor is for you.


There are main characters in the Bauhaus photography using sharp contrasting shadows, projected images, collage and other ways of putting together an image that would be of interest to the public. Add to that the graphics, graphic design, font design, and the influences through furniture, fashion, industrial design and you pretty much have a movement that influenced a generation between the two World Wars.


Projektor is a book that is focused on rediscovering some of the enthusiasm for the era, and the art that was produced by using models as a living canvas with projected images on them.


The same projector can be used if you followed any of Liquid Light processes that we had set up and talked about earlier in the year. You want a clean white wall, and you want to shoot only under the light that the projector gives out to the model. This requires a tripod, and exposures of 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Everyone has to stand really still, and the model needs to be nude to get the full effect of the image.


It seems like it is going to be a fun project to do that will end up as a book. We are thinking about doing this as a kickstarter, but probably won’t go in that direction, too many hurdles and too many unknowns for a project I can self fund if I have to, and see through its completion.


We will be talking about Projektor throughout the year and hope to have it done by midyear as a paperback and hardcover print on demand book. We are also planning on doing photography by project this year, specific projects that we will set aside time and resources as long as the project seems viable to do.


Welcome to 2015, as we try to expand where we are going to give it specific products that we can then turn around and sell, it is going to be one amazing year for us I think. Feel free to chime in, we have a lot of ideas, some of them are going to extend well into 2016 and beyond because the projects are so complex to pull off. We will give out all the details of the pictures as we take them so you know how to do the same thing.



Color Your Own Pinup A Saucy Coloring Book

Color Your Own Pinup A Saucy Coloring BookColor Your Own Pinup A Saucy Coloring Book

Sometimes weird ideas happen, and over my career I have taken a ton of pinup style pictures, and they are generally popular. It is a fun style to take, and a fun style to show off that everyone has the ability to do some form of pinup work. So a friend of mine was commenting on the pictures and said “hey why don’t you make a coloring book” so that people can color their own Pinups? Well, it seemed like an interesting idea, and since I know how to do a line drawing out of a picture, it seemed like a pretty simple project to take on. And about 48 hours later, there is now a Color Your Own Pinup coloring book that you can get on most e-commerce sites.

The cool part is that everyone is going to make something here, I’ll make a little bit, the modes will make a little bit, and yeah I went through lulu so they will make a little off this as well. I did try create space, but the lack of a decent formatting template in PDF, and not being able to make it past their inbuilt checker without spending a few hundred dollars was a drag. I know how to format a book, but getting through create space for a small 30 page book is really something horrific to go through. They are fine for regular narrative print books, but I really just wanted a cheap happy fun little saucy coloring book. Not a major production, cheap is good, but getting past the system for anything like a comic book sized book is a pain in the butt.

So here it is, ready to go, you can pick up a copy at Lulu, and in a couple of days everywhere else you can think of. In the long run through, as always interested in hearing what you think and if this is worth going ahead and doing something like this again. There are tons of pinup pictures out there, making a fun happy saucy coloring book is sometimes something you will want to do in the future as a photographer. And honestly, making money off of pictures is generally hard enough to do, if you can come up with a simple straight forward idea like a coloring book for you pinup pictures, why the heck not? The good part is when everyone wins, and money gets to go to everyone who is involved in the book. And the people who helped come up with the idea and encouraged you to do something a little silly, a little fun, and a little weird like this.


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Pinup Model Alley Kat

Pinup Model Alley KatPinup Model Alley Kat

Alley Kat is new to me, and I was able to get some quick pinup pictures with her at the recent Rock the Bikini photo shoot in Poulsbo Washington. In all this ended up being a really interesting photo shoot, and one that could be easily made into Vargas style prints using Photoshop CS 6. Whenever you get the chance to shoot a pinup think of Vargas and the posing will be a lot easier for you to do. You can also think of Dita Von Tease as well if you prefer a more modern approach to Pinup. I am more old school, thinking the front of bombers in World War 2 more so than the stern latex style of today.

Alley Kat is perfect for old school, especially with the school girl one piece bikini that she was wearing. The problem was that the background didn’t have enough draw on the ground, and I didn’t want wicked shadows in the shoot. So I ended up having to do a lot of background fill in to make these pictures work. These pictures were taken in bright sunlight, fill flash, and a white background on pavement, running at 100 ISO and as clamped down on the camera as possible to flatten the picture (almost Bokeh) to the point where everything would flow together when taking the picture.

There were minimal light room corrections overall, other than the healing brush, upping the exposure and upping the contrast to bring out the tattoos that she has. I used the dodge burn tool in Photoshop CS 6, along with upping the highlights in the hair, adding a burlap texture, as well as adding a 10% opaque fiber to the picture to make it look like it had been rained on, or had some serious wear and tear to add to the Vargas feel.

In all, not enough pictures came out the way that I would have wanted them to come out. Some came out exactly as I was seeing them in my own head. I’ll probably go back to this shoot later on and do some revising of them to see what other things I can do to bring out what I was thinking at the time I was taking the pictures. Many thanks though to Alley Kat, I would love to get her back into the studio again and see what other kinds of pinups we can do. If you ever get the change to do a “rock the bikini” as a photographer or as a model, it is worth checking out.


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1940’s Pin Up Style with Kris Inspired


Kris Inspired - pin up model
Kris Inspired – pin up model

1940’s Pin Up Style with Kris Inspired

I had this really nice opportunity to work with Kris Inspired who is an amazingly wonderful model to work with. The pin up shoot was part of a Femme LTD photo shoot where photographers and models can get together around a bunch of classic cars and have a ton of fun taking pictures, eating food, and otherwise just enjoying the day. I love these kinds of shoots because you get to work with a wide range of models and experience types. You also get to work with a wide range of photographers and their experience levels to help balance things out. If a group shoot is done right, you can end up with a really warm happy feeling.

Of course the general rules apply, if you are shooting over someone’s shoulder you should ask if that is cool. If they say no, swap out lenses to something more long range and stay well back from where they are and try not to get in the way. It is fun watching someone who is used to taking modeling pictures and posing people, you can learn a ton though osmosis if you are paying attention. Oh and watch for that bottle of water in the back ground, and people in the back ground, and if you have to start talking about being photo bombed because it is going to happen. These are always a lot of fun and helps the photographer learn a ton, and working with models like Kris, you should give these kinds of shoots a try.



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