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Grid Girl Frostess

Grid Girl FrostessGrid Girl Frostess

I think I have taken a few thousand pictures of Frostess over the last year, and she is also one of my favorite models out there. I got an opportunity to work with her doing a little bit of cosplay with a screaming hot car to go along with it. She had put on a partial silver spectre cosplay for the grid girl photo shoot and it worked out very well. The black and yellow worked with the vintage car helping set a great mood for the entire set. Frostess is over on Model Mayhem and her number is 2290334. The key to working with Frostess is that you have to work the images softly, her skin is really transparent, and so you really can’t get away with making the images harsh using Clarity (maybe a recommended setting of clarity 2, better at 10 to 20). The color balance with her is also interesting; you want to jack the whites while you are at it to get an awesome image.

These images were taken with a Nikon D5100, 18-105 portrait lens with a 62MM polarizer because of the over cast day. Also had a gold reflector aimed at her because of the overcast and how I wanted the yellows to pop in her cosplay. Overall the effect I was looking for worked here, I wanted something more dark and noir than the standard glamour shot.

And that is where it gets to be interesting, if you are working with a model, it always helps to try to discuss what you want to do at all times. Frostess and myself had talked about doing something cosplay for a while before this photo shoot so everything just clicked nicely when we got to this point in the group shoot with Femme Photo LTD. Otherwise, I hope these are helping you get better options with your photography, drop me a note, let me know what you think.

Grid Girl Frostess


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