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Bring Something Sexy the Movie

Bring Something Sexy the MovieBring Something Sexy the Movie


So in case you didn’t know we are part of a Freelance Modeling movie by Rebel and Dark Angel Productions. You can see the teaser trailer right here down below if you are interested in seeing the life of a freelance model.


Kristy/Rebel has been one of those folks who inspired me to be a better photographer and take on some of the move interesting art projects like Liquid Light, Projektor and the upcoming idea of “Dark Beauty” although I desperately need to change the name to suit more of what I am going for with the 1920’s 1930’s jazz age photography styles.


The teaser trailer is right here:


The uncut footage from the liquid light shoot I did with Kristy is right here:


In all I am super excited about being in a movie for and about freelance modeling, because this is an important aspect of the industry. I hire only freelance models; I don’t want to work with agency models because all the money does not go to the model. I would much rather the model gets all the cash and calls it good.


I also work with freelance models because I enjoy them; they are often freer in emotion and expression than what is coming out of the agency. Plus I get to work with new models, models that I continually seem to rehire depending on the project, and models that are taking an active interest in what I am doing as an art project. I tend to do more art projects than simple fashion or event photography. I have found many agency models to be a bit stiff in how they work, and that seems to be part of the agency system. I need art models, not fashion models and this drives the process.


Go check out the movie, check out the web site bring something sexy, and I hope you watch the movie when it comes out, it is going to be a great flick. It was a lot of fun to participate in, and hey it’s our first movie where we are not taking it. That is worth the blog entry and then some.


Miss Katie Mae Liquid Light Show

Miss Katie Mae Liquid Light Show Miss Katie Mae Liquid Light Show

And the lab rat shoot of the Liquid Light Show happened this weekend, and it much better than I thought it would. This is one of the few times I shot in Manual Mode at 1/13th at F5 with an ISO ranging between 100 and 200 ASA. Including +.7 EV, Vivid Color Mode ADL was at backlight and A+ on the camera settings. While that might sound like super long exposures, it was still fast enough for me to not have to use a tripod for this photo shoot. I also shot NEF/RAW so that I had a lot of data to work with, I really wanted super huge images to play around with and did not want to deal with compression from the image the camera saw to what was written on the SD card. This is the kind of shoot you want to own the camera instead of the camera owning you by being automatic, or in aperture mode or shutter mode.

The lighting was interesting, we used four 48 inch black lights and surrounded the model with them, I also used a reflector on the back of the black light (white side) so that more of the light would be aimed at the model. The black lights are the typical tube black lights so using a reflector was important to concentrating the light on the model.

For the projector we used a super cheap 3000 lumen Epson EX3220 SVGA 3LCD Projector with some of the creative commons liquid light videos pulled from YouTube, as well we used a program called Electric Sheep for the second set when we wanted to move away from Liquid Light and do some fractal generation. We also constrained the model space down to five feet wide so that we could get all the black light and projector to work together. 3000 lumens is enough light to blow out all but the most interesting effects from the black light and body paint so you want as long a path for the projector light as possible. We used a standard white cloth background rather than the wall, but I think next time we will hit on the wall rather than just simply using the cloth backdrop.

The body paint we used was just a standard UV reactive glow in the dark body paint that you can get at Amazon or via any other online service. We also found some UV reactive underwear and dresses from the Rave Culture that would fit in nicely with what we were trying to do with this photo shoot.

Overall with all the set up and prep this turned out pretty well, this is photographic space that few if any people are working in, and as a lab rat testing shoot this pretty much so hit on all the numbers. Here are the lessons though, when you are testing you always come back with things you need to fix, tweak or otherwise change.

Big table, we needed something up off the black floor to take advantage of the whole background effects that the projector was putting off. The body paint comes out of clothes and backdrops by soaking in warm water, then washing in warm water and a lot of soap. You might also want to try some oxyclean along with a little light scrubbing to get the paint out of clothes.

The paint is thick, and needs to be cut down with water so you do not lose the reactive properties of the paint. You want regular paint brushes, makeup brushes are just not as good for this as they are for laying down a foundation. Put down a liberal amount of makeup base on the places you are going to paint the model. The paint takes a long time to dry (probably because it was so thick), so it will get on places you didn’t think they would. You want to put reflectors on all the black lights to send the light where you want it to go, because a 3000 lumen projector while fun, will blow out everything with the blacklight body paint you were trying to get unless the model is right smack dab in the middle of the blacklights (which is why I used four of them so I could center the model between all of them).

If you do all this, you will end up with the gallery below. I have found only one other photographer in this space, and his pictures are beautiful. You can check out the inspiration here at Howard Schatz dot com. Let me know what you think of this lab rat testing everything out and seeing what we can create photo shoot with Ms Katie Mae, and our wonderful MUA, Magnificent Marjani.


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Fantasy Photo Art

Fantasy Photo ArtFantasy Photo Art

There are all sorts of fantasy pictures out there, but some of the most heavily processed pictures outside of fashion photography are going to be the overt fantasy pictures. While I grew up with people like Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, and Carlos Diaz it is hard to find anyone who is recreating the look and feel of those illustrations in photography. First of all these kinds of pictures take a lot of time to put together in Photoshop, although OnOne Perfect Suite does cut down on the processing time with equal if not better results. You are still going to need Photoshop at some point to help manage the layers and smooth out those things that OnOne Perfect Suite will not smooth out.

To show how this really works I should probably make a movie and load it up on YouTube, and that is on the project list of things to do. Which is a really long list, so this is one of those eventually things as I get around to it and clear my plate of things to do today. I would highly recommend starting with a base picture of the scene you would like to create. Have the model pose as close to or as perfectly as you would like, I also recommend a non-cluttered background. Most of these were taken outdoors, and when you are trying to delete the background, plants, trees and other things you do not want in the picture take time to remove regardless of the software you use to set the mood and tone of the picture. Some photographers I know will shoot on a green screen or chromatic screen to make removing the background a lot easier. I tend to shoot these outdoors without the use of a green screen because moving a prop like a huge four ton rock into the studio just isn’t going to happen.

I recommend a 45 degree gradient for the lighting if you are going to go for a true Julie Bell or Carlos Diaz feel to the fantasy pictures you create. Then insert the background, components, and other mood lighting effects you want after you delete the background. Also you want to add texture and lines to the picture in Photoshop filters to make the lines pop like they would in an illustration. If you know your model well you can also change the mood around to suit the personality of the model, for example one of the models in this is a Goth, so making her dark and moody suited her personality and she ended up liking the pictures enough to turn them into her facebook profile image for a while. In all it depends on what you are going for with Fantasy Pictures, for some it is all about taste, for some it is all about recreating gods, goddesses, and trying to bring back some of the 1970’s old school style of fantasy art works.

Fantasy Photo Art

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Converting a picture over to a Pencil Drawing in Photoshop 5

Converting a picture over to a Pencil Drawing in Photoshop 5Converting a picture over to a Pencil Drawing in Photoshop 5

This is turning into something that you might not use all the time, but it does make for an interesting way of processing a picture if you have a couple of minutes to spend converting something over to what it was not originally. This is one of the pictures I crossed over to a line drawing today using a couple of video tutorials over on YouTube. The best one is right here and if this is something you want to do, then this is the kind of effect you are going to get.

If you want to muck about with beyond what the video says, you can go into the Image -> adjustments -> and then manually tinker with contrast, brightness, and even add some interesting pastel colors to this as you work through the process. The one below this was semi-colorized because I decided not to desaturate this puppy before I went and followed the directions.

The real trick seems to be working with the black and white, with a about 20% Gaussian blur, then making everything in the layers into one picture. It is a neat handy trick if you ever want to turn a picture into a black and white line drawing. It is a fun technique to work with and you can do some variations along the way.

Here is the regular version using the steps in the video link that we posted above. This is one where I changed the Contrast and Brightness down a bit.

Sample with a darker contrast and deeper brightness


Here is another version were I didn’t desaturate the colors first, just started converting over and then added an edge glow to it on the final processing pass. Either way you can end up with some pretty interesting things to look at when you are doing this.


Not desaturating the picture keeping the color tones in place
Not desaturating the picture keeping the color tones in place

The video from Blue Lighting TV is the best one we found so far, as we find more cool easy to do and verifiable videos we will share them. This is not a recommendation, there are other videos out there, but if you are pressed for time, like I am, then finding accurate and easy to follow videos to practice are pretty important. There are many videos on YouTube, not all are verifiable, or the conversation in the video just goes downhill really fast.

Model Kat Chaos (Line drawing version)

Model Rylin (Color version)

Photographer Dan Morrill




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Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania – URBEX

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia PennsylvaniaEastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Ok, so Ghost Adventures has been there, and a ton of horror ghosty spooky shows have been there to talk to the ghosts that tales tell permeate the Eastern State Penitentiary in downtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but when you get into the decadent beauty that is the ruin of the site, that is the time that a photographer can have a blast with the place. I was able to get in there before the tour groups and spend three unstructured hours running around the place taking pictures. I brought an 18-105 Nikor Lens and my trusty Nikon 5100 for this photo shoot.

Honestly the feeling of the place is one of being tired; it is probably the most tired place on the face of the planet that I have been to. There really are no words to describe just how this place seems to suck the soul right out of you. I would probably be insane within weeks without anything to do as I lead a pretty active life. I can’t image being stuck in a 8 X 15 foot cell with a roof window, a single bare light bulb, some prison furniture for company, and little else to entertain you. The ruin in its own right is impressive; it is equally formidable when it comes to seeing this place as a ruin. There are places you can’t go because it is still falling down; restoration is going to take forever. But this is also a place worthy of being restored. It is a testament to a failed experiment in how to manage criminals, along with some of the more striking art installation in the cells. When you realize that the prisoners in GITMO have less space and are in a dog cage, you have to see it to believe it. We are far too removed from the butcher in this day and age to understand the art of meat. We are too far removed from crime and punishment to understand GITMO and places like Eastern State Pen.

Well worth seeing and exploring, I shot these in RAW format, and then processed them in Lightroom 5.4 using some fancy HDR effects I learned from watching YouTube videos. Let me know what you think, as always when doing urban exploration like this, you are bound to find interesting things that are left behind, such as an abandoned shoe in an abandoned cell, in an abandoned megalithic prison complex.

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania



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